An Elevated Cannabis Dispensary Experience

Who we are

The First U.S. Cannabis Franchise

At the intersection of local business ownership and cannabis is a goldmine of potential, and Unity Rd. is there cheering local entrepreneurs on. As the first national cannabis dispensary franchise in the United States, we are champions of the small business owner – clearing a path to opportunity in one of the most intimidating industries to date.

It’s no secret that the opportunity in legal cannabis is lucrative and has long attracted large corporations with millions to invest, but we believe small business owners bring even more to the table.

That’s why we’ve saved you a seat. Between building strong cultures, hiring local talent and generating crucial, localized revenue, everyday entrepreneurs are the heart and soul of the cannabis industry – and we aim to keep it that way.


Cannabis Franchise Opportunity

With Unity Rd., there are no unknowns - it's our job to have your back. Invest in peace of mind, leaning on our time-tested systems to navigate an industry that changes by the day, freeing up our franchise partners to focus on what matters most - their communities.
this is unity rd.

Elevating the Guest and Franchise Partner Experience.

Unity Rd. isn’t just a neighborhood shop, we are your neighbors— eager to cultivate wellness, enrich the lives around us, and nurture every community we serve. 

Unlike the corporate stronghold shops, we are proud to be local owners and operators. Our operating partners live, work, and play in the neighborhoods they open up and this means more goes back right into the very communities we serve.  

Reimagine Your Neighborhood Cannabis Shop

Our team's combined 250+ years of experience in legal cannabis and franchising allows us to help hardworking, passionate leaders compliantly operate their dispensaries, all while pumping that money back into the community that generated it in the first place. Community-driven and community-run. That is Unity Rd.