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Our team’s collective achievements: 300+ franchises awarded in more than 5 countries, 100+ concepts we’ve supported for franchise development, 24 cannabis industry awards, 15 states we’ve won cannabis licenses, 11 states, commonwealths, and provinces we’ve operated cultivation sites.

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Our Story

Where Our Passion for Cannabis is Rooted

Seeing the positive effects cannabis had on his mother’s battle with breast cancer, Bowden invested heavily in Item 9 Labs Corp. in 2018. He joined as a board member a few months later and was appointed to CEO in 2019. His goal is to give the same opportunities to others who need help. 

Thanks to the support of her family, her determination, and Item 9 Labs product, she survived three different, arduous routes of cancer treatment.  

“Cannabis is truly a medicine,” said Bowden. “This is what will help future cancer patients thrive and enjoy the rest of their lives. I want to see everyone live life to their fullest, pain free.” 

Since Bowden’s appointment to CEO, Item 9 Labs Corp. has seen nine consecutive quarters of growth. And, his mother, Mary, is now five years cancer free. 

Elevate Trust. Inspire Confidence.

Our goal is to elevate trust in cannabis and inspire confidence in the plant across consumers, patients, investors and entrepreneurs alike. 


Item 9 Labs Corp. brings the best industry practices to markets nationwide through distinctive retail experience, cultivation capabilities, and product innovation.

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