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From Cultivation to Retail,
We Have Local Cannabis Covered.

There was no blueprint for us to follow, no other model to inspire us. Instead, we gathered some of the best minds cannabis and franchising has to offer and built the framework ourselves from the ground up.  


Our expert-led team brings 250+ years of legal cannabis and franchising experience to the table. Together, we developed an award-winning, premium product line that is one of the most trusted brands in Arizona and designed one of the safest routes to dispensary ownership in cannabis. Now, our franchisees operate shoulder to shoulder with top thought leaders from cannabis and franchising.  
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Elevate Trust. Inspire Confidence.

Our goal is to elevate trust in cannabis and inspire confidence in the plant across consumers, patients, investors and entrepreneurs alike. 

Our Story

Where Our Passion for Cannabis is Rooted

Item 9 Labs started in Casa Grande in 2017 with a goal of providing consistent, high-quality cannabis products. With more than 35-plus podium finishes in Arizona competitions, the Phoenix-based company has become a trusted source for premium cannabis products and has evolved to make a greater impact to support communities nationwide. Now, the product brand resides under Item 9 Labs Corp. and is combined with a unique cannabis dispensary franchise model, Unity Rd. 

Unity Rd. is the first national cannabis dispensary franchise in the United States. The retail franchise is the vehicle to keep dispensary ownership in the hands of local entrepreneurs striving to enter the industry. Being federally illegal and highly regulated brings an added layer of complexities that makes it challenging for independents to compete against large multi-state operators that have teams of experts who are dedicated to licensing, compliance, accounting, marketing, etc. and know how to navigate the intricacies of cannabis.  

We empower prospective and existing dispensary owners with the proven roadmap, knowledge, resources and ongoing support they need to be compliant and successful in cannabis. Each locally owned and operated Unity Rd. shop brings a dedication and commitment to supporting the local community, jobs and the abundant benefits of cannabis. Along with this, the funds generated are contributed back to support the local economy and programs.  

What started in Casa Grande has evolved to 100-plus team members throughout Arizona, as well as a national network of local owners. Through Item 9 Labs and Unity Rd., we elevate trust in cannabis with a focus on properly educating others about the plant and all the benefits it has to offer. 

Item 9 Labs Corp. brings the best industry practices to markets nationwide through distinctive retail experience, cultivation capabilities, and product innovation.

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